Saturday, August 25, 2007

Les Artisan D'Angkor - Part 3

Lots of souvenir shop in Cambodia sells this kind of Wood lacquering Buddha statues/ sculptures. Here you can see the process; from wood carving to lacquering and gilding.
Here are some art pieces that you can frame and decorate your interior. The theme will mainly base on elephants, abstarct Buddha figures, and those Apsaras dancing.etc.
Here are some bowls use for decorating the interior...... whereby you can drop in some floating flowers onto the bowl fill with water.
Here you can see that the craftsman is carving the wood into a Apsara dancer. It is carefully crafted and later will be lacquered as well.
This Apsara Dancer is beautiful....... it's not done yet. They will need to lacquer it though!

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