Monday, August 20, 2007

Les Artisan D'Angkor - Part 1

A visit to "Les Artisan D'Angkor". It is a place that train young people in rural Cambodia that does not receive any high education. It is to cultivate the Khmer cultural heritage root. Over here we saw some craftsmen carving wood/stone. The themes were mainly repertoires of the carvings that you can see at the walls of Angkor Wat and other temples.
The artist here is lacquering one of the carved pieces.
After applying the lacquer, this is what it looks like!
After gilding............ the lacquered piece has a kind of stone finish don't you think so?
Well done! This is a finished piece of wood carving........ that look similar to the bas-relief at the walls of Angkor Wat! This piece of wood is not cheap either! If you happen to visit Siam Rep, don't forget to stop by this place! :)

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