Monday, August 6, 2007

Care for a drink? Port wine?

Well kinda in the mood of testing some port wine. I love port as it tastes sweet. I've got a sweet tooth so I rather prefer port than other types of wine available. I was introduced to this port wine long time ago when I was in college. But I made a stupid mistake and thought it was red wine. It tasted sweet no doubt and the alcohol contain was higher than usual. Not much of a drinker I am, so I share it with some friends who were also young and innocent and have no knowledge or so about port wine......... we actually couldn't finish it as we thought we should on that day like all types of red wine........ so we drank until all we could and the rest I leave it to my friends and I do not think they drank it as well........... so, I guess they gave it away too. It was a huge bottle as you can drink it for months!

So now, I enjoy little bit of port and have tried a few of them.
Cockburn's, Warre's 1670 Warrior, Graham's 1820-late bottled vintage(1999).
Well I'll continue my lists.... meantime I came across some cocktail recipe and was eager to try it out since I have a few different types of liqueur in the cupboard.

If you are interested... click this link to find out more. Well currently I indulge myself in Apricot liqueur!

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