Sunday, September 27, 2009

A surreal experience!

To begin, it's like a surreal dream come true. Deep down I seriously thank god for granting my wishes to have a natural birth for my baby; but in a way I am happy to be able to fully absorb in the notion of experiencing what a natural birth would be like. No one will ever tell or describe the actual facts of natural birth, only one can experience it and in that way you will have a kind of rebirth in your inner self and also experience the labour pain in a way of your own.
My Doctor has advised me from start to go through natural birth although all my close relatives and friends advised me otherwise. I have learn in life, things happens for a reason. No unfortunate events or pleasant occurances comes in your life for no apparent reason, so I have to take everything in as it is and let be....... meaning leave it to god, as in god's will. Well, it works for me; I won't call myself a naturalist but I believe in Darwin's and Karma, life's is full of ups and downs but I strongly believe in living it and experience everything on my own... so as to live life to the fullest. I can now add in my own portfolio that I have been through natural birth and endure in the labour pain ( although not long - approx.4-5 hours ); and most of all be able to feel alive again and have my new little princess beside me.
After all the pain and fuss, I am able to give life and live life! What a wonderful world we are living in, and I do really think the greatest gift god has given us is this body and soul! To be able to think and to be able to work; I always believe we are here for a reason, so just go along with it and make full use of it.... in this life!

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