Sunday, September 6, 2009

Extreme Measures

Yesterday I came across an article about cleanliness; about hygiene and stuff and I have observed some very extreme measures one take to the path of cleanliness. Some would call one fussy and another maybe extreme. Most of all I would like to express my views about the hygiene among us, humans!
Of all the species on earth I feel that human are the most dirty species of all. Why? We are the ones who invented lots of stuff to pollute the environment and we keep on saying to ourselves we are the most intelligent and hygiene species of all........ what a joke!
We do not work around the environment like other species do; we only know how to pollute it and we name ourselves above the others! Sounds crazy huh! We have been polluting the environment for thousands of years without knowing it... until now we try to educate our young to protect it.... since when we realise it is a bit too late?
I know this for a fact that......... richer countries can afford to be environmental friendly and be clean and have good hygiene. Now if you are in a country or whereby you live in a place when food is scarce and your environment is not even suitable for a living.... and you tell me are you considering about hygiene and the polluted world? Come on... be realistic!
Well, I can say awareness is important... but there are so many issues in our world that is all being highlighted at the same time... and one can only consider one thing at a time!
No matter how personal hygiene is important but no extreme measures are needed, we humans have survive even in those extreme environments and we are still here yet... so as I consider that I am going to have a baby soon.... no matter how the baby needs protection but not too extreme until they cannot grow properly in this world! Now the H1N1 flu is going on and yes the virus is kind of deadly but I believe in Darwin's theory that the fittest will survive and we human does evolve through time just like the virus itself! So as long as basic hygiene is proposed and well carried out no other extreme measures needed. We are not living in a third world country so why worry too much!
God gave us lives and so he has the right to take it away if he feels right. We just have to do our part and let be! May god bless everyone indeed.

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