Saturday, September 5, 2009

MooMoo Baby Sling

Oh Finally, I have finished this "Moo Moo Baby Sling". I was wondering whether to make a Mei Tai Baby Carrier or a Baby sling; then I decided that a Baby sling is easier to use so I make one myself. I know they are selling some in the market but I do not like the pattern and the colours so I thought I better make one that I like since there are so many fabrics lying aroung in the house. :P
Indeed it is not difficult to make and again I did some improvision by adding some padding around the edges. Took me a while to make it but I assure you it is not difficult to make at all. You can browse through the instructions from this sling patterns page by; I find the instructions useful when I make my baby sling, I hope you find it useful too. Well when my baby arrives I will post a photo with baby in it. LOL.

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