Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Zoo Blankie for Baby......

As you all know I am busy doing my projects.... this is another project for my Baby. It's a rainbow colour "Zoo Blankie" or quilt as most people call it. I manage to find the colourful animals pattern fabric in Ikea and I got lucky with the rainbow stripes fabric which I found in a local quilt store. I love the colours and the combination of patterns, it just suits don't you think so? While the main colour is still pink as it's a baby girl colour. I almost use the quilting method but I found out that it is too much work for me now; so I did some research and found this easy method which does not require much sewing. A tied baby quilt is good for me. You can find the methods in this website http://www.everythingsewing.net/babyquilt.htm
Of course I did some modification as I do not want the string to hang all out at the front of the blankie! :)

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