Friday, October 2, 2009

Starting a new life soon!

It's been 20days past since my baby's born. I think I am having a panic attack soon. Well, I'm in a confinement centre now, most of the time I just eat and sleep and feed baby, that's about all. It's good life here in the centre; but as times goes by I am starting to feel panic as I will be on my own very soon. Well, short to say I will be a full-time mommy soon, I guess that's when the real thing starts to hit me!
First of all - I think there's not much help around from parents...
Secondly - I am new to all things.... suddenly feel like an idiot! Hah!
Thirdly - I am practically on my own! Gosh lots of things happening at the same time!
Forth - I think I will go crazy if baby cries out loud!
Although I am most excited in this big project, but I am all nervous as well as I do not know what's coming and I couldn't really prepare much! Ouch, I am stress!
Hopefully all is not that bad and hopefully I can cope........ well. :)
Suddenly, through birthing a daughter, a woman finds herself face to face not only with an infant, a little girl, a woman-to-be, but also with her own unresolved conflicts from the past and her hopes and dreams for the future.... As though experiencing an earthquake, mothers of daughters may find their lives shifted, their deep feelings unearthed, the balance struck in all relationships once again off kilter. ~Elizabeth Debold and Idelisse Malave

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