Monday, March 31, 2008

World Music Festival is in town again....Yippie!

I pass by the roads and there they are..... the banners all pop out like mushroom after the rain. The World Music Festival is on again! Yippie Yeh... I am looking forward to attend as last year was a good one and the first in Penang too.....!! Now we do not need to travel to Sarawak and catch the show.

It was raining cats and dogs last year but we stayed until the end, hopefully it won't rain this year! *Pray to god* Well, if you people out there wanna join the fun... visit this website, as the event will starts on 2nd May till 4th May 2008. Last year was in July... so I guess they have move it forward to avoid rain!
See you there! Adios!

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