Monday, March 17, 2008

The Exotic Sahara Night

Beautiful Sahara desert has always been mysterious and gives us a sense of exotic and freedom. Well that's my defination on the Dream of Sahara. I highlighted this event because it is a Belly Dance showcase perform by students of Zero fitness dance studio in Penang, and I happen to be one of them... :)

This is the auditorium that we performed in, the banner here states the Dream of Sahara which is an appropriate theme for our performances. The event was on the 15th of March 2008. A wonderful saturday night fill with lots of excitement for those who attend and participate. A night that we all waited anxiously.
This is a beautiful performance from the dancers. They had use those tinkling Zils, also zills or finger cymbals, (from Turkish zil, "cymbals") to perform in this belly dancing as well. The coordination was marvelous, the timing and the spirit was really wonderful. Love the costumes, really gives you the Sahara feeling! Lots of camel, and belly roll as well. Well done!
Here are those cuties! Kids belly dance performances! They really twist and turn and shimmy well! Love them all, they are so lovely and cute. Like they say everything start from young! Even the hair cut are soooo.... Egyptian too, wow!
So this is our performances, we called it "Momo" as it is the title of the song. Well our group practice real hard on this, we hope everything turns out well....:P

We have consider everything from top to toe as well...... the costumes, jewelery, make-up and even the tattoo at our belly.... hah! To all my fellow belly dance friends, well done and hi-fives to y'all. All the hard work was really fantastic! Hope we can do this all the time... keep going! We all love the dance and we have really put our heart and soul in it, Kampateh!

Finally here is our beautiful instructor and choreographer, she had patiently help and bare with our mistakes all this while, all the best to you Conny! As we will be having another big event soon on May in conjuction with the World Belly Dance Day, all proceeds will go to charity as well. Hope to have support from all. See y'all there!

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Oh before I pen off, this is actually my favourite show of the nite. The Tibetian influence tribal belly dance. Quite an awesome display of strength, movements and creativity. Well, I have little exposure of tribal belly dance and I personally feel really tense and full of surprise whenever I watch the tribal belly dance, contrastly egyptian belly dance are quite feminine in a sense, the dance itself is full of curves and sensuality. Well, in short I just love the way that we have to move the muscle in our body, those muscle that you never know of!

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Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!! We did it. Even before performance I have butterfly tummy and smile till very thirsty but I still feel very happy and glad to have the performace with my team mate. Well done girls... Jane


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