Friday, March 7, 2008

Old Beijing famous snacks....

I happened to travel with one of my relatives who used to study in Beijing. We travel there and she had bring us to some of the well kept secrets of Beijing snack bars and restaurants. This happened to be one of them. Simple like the directions on the wall, it's called Beijing Nine-Traditional Snack Restaurant (九门小吃Jiumen Xiaochi), located at Shichahai.
Well, you can see here there are lots of different stalls in here whereby you can eat almost all different kinds of snacks here. Do take a close look at the so called "Signboard" at the top of each stall, it happens to foretell the specialty snack that they create and together with their surname at the back. If you know chinese character, you get to know what family does what kind of snacks.

We ordered this dish as a starter, it is a kind of sweet potatoes fry with honey.... yummy! The crispy and tangy tastes so good. We like this dish and manage to eat a whole lot non-stop just like how you eat potato chips.
They say that hamburgers are invented in the west. Well, these Chinese style hamburgers have been in Beijing since like the years of the emperors.... so who invents what? Maybe a little changes here and there I guess.
I would like to say that if you find roast beef any good, do try these juicy Chinese style bacon. Well it is kind of juicy in the middle when you bite it. It is soft with some spice aroma in it. I am not sure about the ingredients though, but it taste good to me. This is one of my favouorite dish, awesome! The taste of the chinese herbal soupy with the pig's intestines in it kind of hit me in the head like WOW.... sooo good! Basically, if you love these intestine, trust me you will love this dish. For those who dare not try, ohhh pleeeasee... try the soup at least. It'll get you kicking!
Now here's a simple traditional Chinese Spring onion pancake, kind of different that their counterparts in Taiwan, but nonetheless the taste is almost the same. I find it a bit dry because less oil here as they almost deep fry the pancake. It is crspy though.
Tell me about the most FAVOURITE dish of all........... desserts! This is the famous Chinese yougurt! Ok, let me re-phrase, I hate milk.... I cannot stand it, I'll vomit if I smell it, but this dish is made of milk, furthermore there is a hint of milk in it but, it is semi-sweet..... as light as a feather, awesome! It has the texture of tofu, which melts in the mouth. Double WOW!! Totally fell in love with it.... I actually order two of these and finished it all by myself. It looks simple in the photo.... YOU MUST TRY IT! Trust me, you can only get this in Beijing. Well, in supermarket you can get packed ones, but not as good as the fresly made ones though! Oh before I forget... the name is "Nai Lao". Chinese Milk yougurt.
If you are in Beijing, this is a famous sweet snack. Sugar-Coated Haws on a stick (Bing Tang Hu Lu) 糖葫芦, Well, a must try in your foodlist too. Great taste, and not too sweet. Remember if it is too sweet then it is not good! It should taste sweet and sour. Just pure indulgence!
Well if you are going to Beijing for the olympics.......... do not forget to stop by at and try the cuisine!

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