Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easy party food!

For an easy and quick fix for a party.... hehhe... I have some new stuff that I try here, Recipes from the TV show. Well it is easy and quick to make.

First we have Watercress soup, then we have the Salami ham delight, then lastly we had some delicious dessert..... the crunchy oat surprise.

Here's the watercress and the potatoes cooking away in the pan..... I have some celery in here too with either some stock of just water to boil the potatoes to make it soft... then some salt and pepper.

You can get the recipe here on this webpage..... :)

After it cooks for a while in the pan... transfer to a blender and blend up a storm. Viola... the watercress soup is almost done, mix some milk, DONE! Easy and quick to make. You can try this yourself and let me know! :)

Here's the Salami Ham delight..... nice picture huh! I bought this really nice baguette from a local bakery store. It's not the usual white flour baguette instead it is made of healthy rye and sunflower seeds. So, I bought some nice salami and ask them to slice it thin for me. So here you are, the awesome part is I have some shredded Parmesan and pepper on top, NICE!

Alrite, here comes the dessert! I have baked this Crunchy oat surprise in the oven and this is my first try on this.... hmmm... not bad I manage to get the ingredients I want a the "Cold storage" so that's why I give this a go. Well the surprise is it had bluberries in it, as you see it is hard to find here... so lucky I manage to get it!

Now you can see here the cruchy oat mix with blueberries in it! I have added some Drambuie to give it a kick! Heheheee..... Yummy!

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