Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Age of Ignorance......?

Recent events that happened around me have inspired me to write this article. I have wonder lots of time why people are so inconsiderate these days. There are so many whys and how come……

I need to voice this out of my lungs as my toleration has come almost to the limit. There are so many things happening around us that some people choose to ignore the fact or either the (it-does-not-concern-me) attitude seems to over power their mind. Of course I am actually indicating those people who have lots of free time to laze around and do nothing often and those who choose to ignore other people life and be crude.

Like the drivers driving on the streets, they choose to ignore other drivers around them and do what they like; they don't signal while turning and does not obey the rules. Or most of them do not use their side mirror to even take a look at other drivers who are driving along the streets. How sad? Accidents happened because of their inconsideration of other persons' life. Those youngsters, who drive fast and furious on the streets, also endangered other people as well.

There are so many examples in life that shows the inconsideration of the Homo sapiens; they are only selfish people and who cares about nothing other than their own. But no matter how I believe that God will punish them one day, not by us who tolerate but by others whom they love. Their love ones will suffer for their own mistakes. As I strongly feel that God is watching over all of us, silently and waiting for the right time to show us what we have done to others.

Surely I think all people out there are kind-hearted, which I choose to believe; and maybe just say; some unpleasant things do so happened and they temporarily just ignore the others for a moment. Thus I think this is the most sensible thought of mine whenever bad things happened to me. Worse thing is that some of them just do what they like.... and behave like a child and throwing tantrums and degrading themselves morally to create havoc for others all the time.... and how come they have the time and freedom to perform these nuisances? That is also why laws and rules are made.

In most cases, those who suffer and bullied are normally people who do not want to create trouble. Mostly consists of those innocent or gentleman or the poor or even children. It does not mean that those who stay quiet will always be quite.......... as tolerance does has a limit to it as well.

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