Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fresh Strawberries...YUMMY!

Well, Love strawberries.... they are my favourite fruit. Went to Cameron long ago and this is the address for the Healthy Strawberry Farm. heheeh.... just a few hours drive exit from Simpang Pulai and you'll get up to Cameron as easy as that!
Well, these are the actual baby strawberries...... ready to turn red and be eaten! Here you can see that they grow in rows and rows of these protected plastic tubes that contain soil and fertilizers in it. Sprinkling water and cooling weather makes it possible to grow. Well, you can pluck your own strawberries here in the farm. It's around RM10-15 you get to pluck them and bring them home!
Cute little strawberries huh! Yummy yummm......... they do sell strawberry Jam and strawberry juice and strawberry sweets here too..... All freshly made with no preservatives!
They look so juicy aren't they? I bought a packet and ate them and they taste sooooo.... sweet!
Well, if you are planning a trip to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, try them out, also the season for strawberries starts from May till September only! So better plan well!

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