Monday, March 1, 2010

The Year Begin...

Chinese New Year just over and the rest of the tiger Year begins. My lil' princess is 5 months and 2 weeks old now and I will begin to start weaning her soon. Now am preparing for the equipments and my lists of recipes. Well, I did buy a book not long ago about recipes for baby and children, so I think I'll make full use of it.

I will be busy on the coming months as I will have to reorganize my workplace as well. It's been more than a year since my plans and projects on starting on my own initiated. Well, I got pregnant and all things changed. Luckily I did plan for a baby room in the workplace so I guess now I have to train my girl well so I can smoothly turn on my work mode. Otherwise I'll be juggling between her and work....... like mad! Hmmm.... wait for my good news then! LOL

I am going to start a kind of journal to marked my lil' one milestones.
Now baby has grown much... and she's able to turn by herself but not quite steady yet. (A bit slow compare to my friend's child) Hah, it's ok... coz I think I've always make her stay still using the rice huggy pouch! Now she's able to recognize mommy and daddy well. She's loves to make lotsa noises and smiles a lot when she's on her play mode. When she is excited she will starts to scream out loud too! She is also starting to swallow her own saliva and not drooling much now. She can hold her own bottle for a short while now. Lastly, she loves to watch us all eating and starting to show interest in it. So I guess it is time to start weaning soon.

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