Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sophie has Arrived!

Finally my long awaited Blythe has arrive safely. I was nervous about her arrival and was worried that customs in our country might ask me to pay tax for it. Phew... my worries are over now!
I have named her Sophie as both me and hubby find her quite "Frenchy" in a way; and we both love the name.
She arrives in the morning, but I was not at home........ luckily our neighbor manage to keep her in for a while. Well it was not a long journey it took her 4 days to arrive at my doorstep! :)
Me and hubby both were excited to see her. We invited her carefully out of her box and she beautifully presents herself to us........ it did not take us long to name her too. LOL.

I love her hair and well I wanted to have her so badly as she was released in the same month as my Baby girl on 25th Sept 2009. This is the reason she's with us today. An additional sweet girl to our sweet family. Hooray!

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