Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Fell...

Oh My Goodness.... Baby Fell off the bed yesterday.... her first fall! My heart came tumbling down too. She has already started to turn herself up and down in the bed and I had placed her in the middle of our big bed, yet I do not know how she ended on the timber floor.

Gosh! I was so stunned, well when I heard the thump sound I knew she fell, and ran towards her. Well, I recall that she did not cry immediately but when I held her up in my arms she started to cry and scream. She refuse to let me coo and calm her down and kept on crying for at least 15 minutes. After that she refuse to lie down and kept me holding her.
Luckily, no injury was found and after about 2 hours later, she started feeling better and smiling again. Phew, luckily my bed is only about 1.5 feet from the floor, so it's not a serious fall.
Lastly, my grandma told me if next time baby fall again.... if it is not too serious like bleeding, try to let her stay in that particular position for a while and see how she reacts. Then again, one will get to know how badly baby hurts and where is the hurting part. Hmmm.... well I seriously did not know where she was hurt... I just knew she fell and once again I think I'll take my grandma's advise.

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