Monday, February 8, 2010

Using the oven...

My oven has been sitting in the kitchen feeling bored already... I have not use it for quite a long time. So I have decide to make a grill chicken for the night. To accompany the grill chick, I have some leftovers of Wahyu beef, and cheese ravioli which I make the other day.
The interesting dish here is the cheese ravioli which I manage to get the recipe from watching "ASIAN FOOD CHANEL" everyday. Actually it is easy to make BUT quite expensive though. The key ingredients are Ricotta cheese and Parmesan Cheese. Then just simply add in spinach some salt and pepper that's it. Yummy!
Now the grill chick just has to be marianate for few hours before hand and put into the oven and grill......done.
Oh the amazing thing and most simple ingrdient to cook is the sprouts, just add oil and fry done. No sauce added because the chick has gravy already. SO in just an hour I finish cookin all these and me and hubby get to enjoy it while Baby is sleepin.

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