Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wind O Wind, go away!

I am about to blog about this Ointment for baby.... right it is from Indonesia and it does really help my baby.
Recently my baby has been feelilng cranky and moody and refusing to drink her formular milk and also having a bit constipation. So I have decided to try this Ointment reconmended by my Masseur. I have some doubts about it before as I feel if she got use to the Ointment and I do not want her to have a habbit of massaging before her sleep... occasional is ok but not everytime or even everyday.
After I realise she may be have some wind in her stomach and after she drinks her milk she vomits / spits out some of her milk out..... then I think it's time I try the ointment.
Now after bath, I apply some on her stomach/ buttocks / feet.... she did actually release lots of wind from her body. Then she manage to pass motion often which leads to a happy baby!
SO this ointment is indeed useful. I rarely use it only when I realise she has wind in her stomach!

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard about "Colic" before? Not sure if tummy wind is related to Colic. You can "google" for this then discuss with your pediatrician. Hope this helps.


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