Friday, December 11, 2009

My Lovely Mini Book

Well, I have created a mini book for myself. It is a mini scrapbook that I can bring around anywhere I like in my bag. I have compile some photos of baby and me in this mini book so when I miss my baby I can browse through the pictures in this mini scrapbook. Brilliant right? Also if anyone wants to see what my baby look like this will be perfect and I don't need to bring my baby along. :)
So you see I still wanna go out sometime and not stay home all the time with baby. Too much sticking around with baby is not so good for her and me. If she becomes too clingy then I'll be in trouble. Alrighty... will update my mini book every now and then too as baby grow.

1 comment:

Green BeBe said...

Your Mini Book is adorable!!! when i miss my gal, i will look at her photos and videos in my hp, keke .....


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