Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh My God........ Diabetes!

It has not cross my mind that this day will come........ Diabetes! I find myself in a kind of denial. I love chocolates and sweets but did not ever occur to me that I'll have diabetes! Well, maybe the culprit is that I'm pregnant, but then again it worries me if this will last after the pregnancy! OMG, hopefully I am not going to have this diabetes for long..... as the doctor says it's a mild one but still there's a possible attack in future if I do not take care of what I eat though! Surely, there's a metion of inheritance from my parents and found out my mum did had it while she was pregnant too and that it did not last. I was more please to hear that than anything else. Indeed, I have a sweet tooth and no matter how hard I try, chocolates keep on pops up in my mind! Dear me!

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