Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Act 12- Oh my Tummy!

Oh dear, I have not been out and about for almost a month and a half....... now.. hmmm was thinking that I should be doing lotsa walking to ease my labour when the time comes.
So, after meal I'll walk around the neighbourhood and inhale some fresh air. I then came across Bedak Kid, he was cycling around the area and stop by my side. He was surprised to see me, after all he has not seen me for quite some time since Chinese New Year!
He posed a question to me,"How come you look fat and had a big tummy?" Hmm... I was going to answer him then he ask again,"You have stay away from everyone because you look fat?" I am then seem amused and ask why he say that I have to stay away..... Oh he then answered me that his mum has to stay fit and slim so that she can go and hang out with her friends and if she finds herself a little chubby she will stay away from her friends and keep a diet!
Oh, That's why! I then explained to him that I am not fat; I am going to have a baby that's why my tummy is huge and big! He smiles at me and ask me is it a boy or girl? When I told him it's a girl, he seems quite eager to know what she looks like and all......... then I have to tell him he has to wait till Oct, and ask him to come along with his mother to visit the baby! He seems excited and ask me to call him when baby arrives, and I promise him I will. So we ended our conversation and he continue to ride his bike, while I stroll along the path I used to take everyday.

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