Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lots of negative vibes........

What's wrong with everyone?
Everyday when I read the newspaper in the morning, I can see that not much interesting and exciting news that we normal people can feel happy about within the society, the community and the world. Whether it is local news or international news; all have one thing in common that is negative and unpleasant.
You either have lots of people complaining, debating, trying to curse each other or try to initiate a fight or even accusing each other........ then the cover up stories or the truth??!? (which seldom come out in the newspaper)
Now come to international news........ there will be disaster everywhere, either war between to two enemies or even a third party trying to keep peace and go into war...?!? Then there's this weather malfunction or save the earth movement...... going on because the world weather has slowly getting worse by the year!
I began to wonder..... and even start to worry; my baby will be born into the world full of negative vibes... is it worth it afterall?
All the people are slowly killing each other one way or the other. Worse still is that they do not realised this! Things that goes around comes around....... that's what I believe. Now I can only hope and do my best in preparing my child for the future. I'll have to instill all the good vibes and positive thinking to my baby and hope her generation will help the world to become a better place.

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Anonymous said...

More than agree Sue. That is why I never have any thought to plan for the second child after Regine. I hope the younger generation could still survive in the future world.


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