Monday, August 10, 2009

My Movie making stint!

Oh! Recently I've made a short movie clip dedicated for my baby girl. Many of my family members are old and they are all excited about the arrival of a new member to our family. Since I am quite free, I have decided to do a short video of the elders in the family and introduced them to my child. Hopefully in years to come when she grows older she will remember all the family members and how excited they are about her arriving to this world and our family.
The Title - Love from the Bottom of Our Hearts
Produced by - My Brother and me......
Directed by - Me (Mommy)
I have chosen to use the Rubber Duck as the main art direction....... as you can see all the family members has a respresenting duck card to help introduced them. The duration of the video clip is about ten minutes. As this was a spontaneous interview of each family member, all were unprepared and shoot on the spot. It's been produced this way to capture the moments of joy naturally felt by all the members so no preparation is needed. Indeed, the end product was a successful one, hopefully so.... :)

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