Thursday, August 13, 2009

Family Tree

To some people, a Family Tree is very important but some simply doesn't care. Well, personally I do not really think about it untill now........ as my tummy growing bigger each day, I feel that it is my responsible to teach my child about the importance of family bonding through creating family tree.

In a way, this also help me to understand my family better and keep a close tie, so that the roots are not forgotten. I have indeed gather around my family members and have each of them to fill in the family tree and help to gather the history in our family. In a way, they have to flash back some memories to remember who they were (those that are deceased), their stories and so forth.

I do not recall all of them as I were either too young to remember and I do not even know their name! Hopefully in future, my baby will get to know all the elders and those who were not around anymore........ but are part of her family.

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