Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well, well, well........ I've been seeing and absorbing all the Eco-friendly vibes in recent years that I do not realised it till now. Come to think of it, I have confronted myself to be as Eco-friendly as possible in these few months that I do no think I have done enough.
In the past years, I have actually sort out my rubbish before I throw it out to be recycled. I do hope the garbage collector notice this! Then I sort out my clothes every few months to give it away to charity. Oh, did I mention that I sort out my shoes too? For my kitchen, I use to recycle milk / juice cartons to store old brushes for cleaning. Furthermore, I have every intentions to use up those plastic bottles to grow my money plants. Crack pots and bowls are used up as well to grow different plants and decorate my living room. Well, I admit that I seldom throw away boxes and tins and glass bottles as they are useful to store things and food. I have also save up some water to do washing in the kitchen or to water my plants. Indeed, I did not realise that I am an Eco-friendly person at all.
Another notion came to me the other day was to purchase a hybrid car, as cycling around town in not as convenient as it used to. I guess that will be my future plan for now. As I do really want to save the mother earth, although my small contributions meant nothing much, but I will just do my bit as to uphold the name as a responsible Citizen of the Mother Earth!

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