Monday, September 3, 2007

Zipping Away......

Recently we had lots of fashion shows...... I do not know why it all falls on the same month! Coincidence maybe? :P
Well, glad it's all over! The Backstage goes havoc before and during the show due to ( ZIPs ) problem! I do not know why it all happen at that particular period of time.... not earlier when we had rehersals but just minutes away! WOW.... This only happens when it happens... no reason stated.. all double checked before but well some mistakes but some are really destine to happen! I guess we all learn our lessons and luckily no one noticed anything... like usual it's a success!
Congrats to all that work hard for this to happen! Well you can see who's who on the picture above! The show has to go on no matter what...... thank god nothing serious happen back stage! I think I do pray hard enough! Hah!
Hope that the show will make the students gain more experience in the fashion field! The more show one attends the calmer they'll be. Everyone will admit that the more they participate in the show the more they will gain, the accuracy and the time management will improve!
So here goes another episode of the Fashion show ordeal!
Like I always say, work hard, play hard! That's the way of life! :)

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