Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Act 10- Express your LOVE...

Bedak kid was around today at the mall, he was with his mum shopping for the coming festive season, the mooncake festival just around the corner. I am going to prepare for the festive season too, as it is a custom to send the mooncakes for the elders.
He came up to me and showed me what he had bought, I saw some toys and an electrical lantern. I was teasing him that he couldn't carry a proper lantern and had to play with an elctrical one. LOL.
Well, he call for his mum and he told me, "You know, it is not that I couldn't carry the lantern with a candle inside, it's the concern of my mum that I carry an electrical one!" and then he hugged his mum tightly as to defend his mum's wish.
At that particular moment, I am touched to see how he express his love towards his mother. I then realise we seldom express our love to those that love us, we kind of give it a hint or two. We even did not mention it or express it often to let the other person feel how much we love them. Especially to our parents and love ones, even our siblings are important! We normally exagerate our hate and express less of our love, weird don't you think?
I seldom hug my mother and father....
I seldom hug my grand parents...
I seldom hug my husband /wife...
I seldom hug my kid...
and why is that so?
I hug my doll.
I hug my pet.
I hug my girlfriend /boyfriend.
I hug my friends.
and why is this so?

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