Friday, September 7, 2007

Act 9- Playground time...........

It was a bright sunny day when I was strolling along the park... and saw Bedak kid with some of his pals and Camry the dog! He was playing at the playground, running around and shouting with his friends.
I walk up to him and say hello, he ask me to join them, I was like no way... too old for that kinda fun. He was looking at me weirdly and said, " You are too old for fun? Are you sure? My mum plays with me all the time! You don't look older than my mum!" Well I said, "Kiddo, I stop running around long ago, coz I tend to sprain myself a lot..."
After a moment, some of the kids actually run and fell in front of me, I was like OUCH! I picked him up and he said thanks and continue running like nobody business. So this was how I used to be but not anymore.... how come?
We are so scared about falling and getting ourselves into trouble and scared of doing lotsa things. So these are what the grown ups worry, they tend to think too much until there's no point of having fun anymore. Is this what it is all about.... growing old and become serious?
After the meeting with Bedak kid, I realised that there are so many things in this world for us to do and to live and we have to stop being scared of all things and make measurable precautions for certain things only and not like stop having fun oursleves and being paranoid all the time like stop falling. We cannot be perfect, if one is soo perfect then misfortune will follow.
Dr. David M. Burns
Dr. David M. Burns

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