Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Skiing Trip!

First ever skiing trip in Korea Skiing Resort. (Well this happens in Dec 2003) Years ago.......
Cold like never before, being tough wearing those rented ski jacket and gloves and the sking gears! Interesting experience but although it's cold like hell out there, but I'm sweating too.
We kinda had a 5-10 minutes lesson on how to use the equipment, pretty fast.... but well I did not fall though as I was going like 5-10 mph......... hah! You know we had to climb up the hill and skiing down was like 5 minutes........... climbing up with those gears is killing! Just an experience only so I kinda enjoying the whole thing without further exploiting the upper hill!
Well after all this......... I was telling everyone that I might try ski boarding too........ and all of them were like " OMG.... you serious? Wait you'll twist your waist and fall into two, maybe end up fracture or something like that! " My goodness, see how supportive everyone are to me these days! Do I really look so fragile?
Anyways, I didn't try it, but if I were younger then, I would have tried.... EVERYTHING!
You only live once, and your guts get lesser when you grow older........ too bad, I have more concerns now so I have to think twice before doing any stunts!

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