Friday, July 13, 2007

Those thoughts that counts....

I remember once someone told me that, " It is the thoughts that counts." I also heard it in the radio today................
So many ways of expressing oneself towards the others, the key to the basic communication tool are the thoughts. The thinking brain........ what is in our minds are more important than the words and actions! This is the basic rule for any relationship.
Of course every now and then we met people who doesn't speak their mind, or more often have the habit of twisting their words and become sarcastic and hypocrites. They usually do not speak the truth and tell you what you want to hear. Well some call it "white lie", it happens and it seem normal so to speak.
Here, I am trying to convey that, in any relationship........ COMMUNICATION is the key and sometimes, and often our thoughts are the uppermost importance as we do not always mention what we want as we want it to be call "Romantic" or "Caring". The notion of romantic always have a link to the thoughts.........
We sometimes will wonder whether our partner has eaten? sleep? safe? need help? etc. Or we care for family, friends even pets, strangers......... sick patient, or poor kids etc. Our thoughts for them are important, as this makes us feel alive and we will feel better as well if they understand how we have felt for them. Most often, they do not know as there are no follow up actions or any communication that help them to understand which most often cause misunderstanding; which is worse!
A phone call, a message, an email, a flower, a card...........etc. all these actually helps to brighten the day........ and making those people feel alive and happy. Such a wonderful thing to do.
So, a thought is not enough........... as communication speaks better than thoughts, romantic is a bit outdated these days... as people are using hand phones so much.... they can't wait to feel, they needed to talk!

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Sanguine said...

give me 5!! i'm totally agree with what you've said! it's my golden rule to have GOOD COMMUNICATION in a relationship. that's why i used to prefer western people's communication way compare to eastern way.

For example, foreigners will always say 'i love you' 'i miss you' so that their other half know what's deep down in their mind. This is much more expressive compare to chinaman, they will only show you the serious face. My US counterpart always spare sometime in a week to have heart to heart talk with the wife, makes sure they share and communicate everything.. this is something nice, sweet and essential to maintain a close relationship.

In my humble opinion, communication is the CORE thing for a good relationship... no communication no relationship :P, so guys...start to speak up!


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