Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Save it for another day?

I read an article about the things we treasure. I came to realise that things that we treasure we would normally keep it and save it in a place whereby we would occasionally take a look at it and admire it once in a while.
Well, remeber those precious dishes and bowls in the kitchen that you bought for the last christmas?
Remember that gift your aunt send you... a nice bottle of perfume? The soft towel that you bought? That sexy lingerie that you save for special occasion? The bottle of wine that you bought which you want to save it for a special occasion? That pair of shoe that you polished but never wear, that restaurant that you wanted to go for ages but you never went because you are busy? You haven't called your mum as well but intended to do so..... but you are busy? That trip that you planned....... that DAY / SPECIAL OCCASION will never come if you do not let them come by! You always have a choice, how busy can you be? how much you treasure it but never put effort on it?
Life is short and you never know when or what will happen to you or someone you love, so do not give yourself excuse for whatever reasons... Your JOB is not your life! You need to have a life, treasure what you have and show it, express it, give it a try, make it happen!
Money can be earned but time waits for no man!

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