Thursday, July 12, 2007

Act 6 -Bird Nests anyone?

Bedak kid was wondering around town again... As you know I can recognise him from far with his usual bedak all over his face! people around town call him "Cat Face", well kinda suit him! He was on his bicycle stopping by the roadside watching the birds in the sky while Camry is by his side barking away.

I yell out his name and he wave at me. So he ride his bicycle over to talk to me. I ask him what are you doing? He said he was watching the birds flying around and listen to them! Oh.... and I told him that these small birds are swallows, they have built their nest all around town houses! They have this small holes at the top floor of these houses and the owner will have a radio playing the sound of the birds for the swallows to listen. Then the swallows will come and mate and make their nests in the house.

Bedak kid looked at me curiously and asked why the owner want to do that? I told him because the owner wants their nest! He wasn't sure what I said, so I explained that the owner are business man who wants to make money out of these swallows but they do not want to catch them. They just want their nest......... as in the Chinese culture they love to take "Bird Nest" as dessert or as a cooling herbal soup. It is said that the herbal bird nest soup will help one to look younger, and the skin complexion will be better, and it has a cooling effect that will reduce your body heat.

Ohh... bedak kid said he had that before but did not know where it comes from. Well, I said that there are different grades for all these bird nests. Some were from caves, some near the mountains, some were from tall buildings and some from houses. I also told him that there are cheaper ones and expensive ones. The price ranges from $200 - $2000 per box. One box contained only few pieces and after cooked you end up with only around 6-8 small bowls.

He was like staring at me and wonder how much he spit out the bird nest when his grandmama cooked for him! He then promised himself that he would drink every drops of the soup next time!

Well I told him that there were fake ones as well, as some manufactures prepare the nest in a nasty way, they actually washed the nest with water and some with food bleach, so to make the nests looked white in colour and clean and clear of all dirt. So I told him to tell his parents or grandma to be careful when buying those bird nests!

He thanked me and immediately ride home.........

I drove in my car and couldn't help wonder how many people out there who are still having these expensive stuff and did not know that it is not good for their health anymore......

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