Friday, April 15, 2011

Party Balloons

My lil' bean loves balloons... maybe because during her first B'day I had all these colourful balloons hanging on the ceiling and since then, she loves them lots! Well, we bring her to a lil' boy one year old Birthday party and well they have a clown to entertain the kids! Lots of fun there, so being a clown he had these little tricks of making cute animal balloons, and well my lil' bean will not miss this out and ask for a green poodle there on the left......... then hmmm, after a few moments of her grabbing and all, it kinda come off a little, so we went and ask for another one.

Come on......... there are lotsa kids and the queue is really long, finally I manage to politely asking for another one for her, and this time it is a pink bear!

The clown was indeed a professional and he really manage to put a smile on all the children faces. A wonderful job indeed, and as for the clown himself, he told us he started this ballooning since he was 13! Since then he has been practicing till now and it is a wonder to even watch him blowing and making all these cute balloons!

My baby still clings on those balloons all the way till we got back home! It shows how much she loves it.....LOL

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