Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chinese Beef Stew

I have cooked beef stew for so many times before but this time i want to try something different. I have the basic beef stew recipe in my mind but I want to give it a new twist. So Instead of the normal sirloin beef that I use, this time I tried using the Beef muscle part, whereby in Taiwanese style always love using the muscle part as it has a chewy feel and the jelly part is really delicious too.

Also the other thing that I add in this stew is the radish. Normally carrots will do but I want to try using radish and drop the tomatoes for a while. last but not least it is an amazing dish but the one thing is that it takes longer hours to cook as the muscle part really took some time to cook well. I did not add tomato sauce at all just chicken stock and a good red wine. We all really love this dish! It goes well with the pasta! Yum!

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