Thursday, April 21, 2011

Arghhh.... My baby say NO to me!

Today, am going to blog about the little word "NO". I have been hearing and experiencing a lot of NOs daily these days. Well, my little one has started to reject and say no to me for a long time already, but recently she has been refusing a lot of things to almost everyone she knows!

First of all, I am glad since the day she knows how to reject food, meaning using her tongue to push out the teats of the bottle and reject her milk. It is a sign of showing, I am growing up and I know what I want now. While this is good for her emotional development; it is also frustrating for me at the same time.

Well I have to come to the terms that she knows more than I thought and she is an individual who can say no if she does not like it. But she is still young and does not understand what is good or bad for her yet, so now it is my job to make her co-operate with me. I have come out with a few ways to make her willingly give in.

  1. Distraction- I will ask her to sit down properly and watch her fav. show, while eating.
  2. Bargaining- I will give her a cookie if she picks up her toys and place it properly in the bin.
  3. Be creative- I will ask her to do role play with me while I do the chores at home. (eg. Like you are watering the plants like mommy.)
  4. Changing the subject- When I ask her to go to sleep and she stills want to read her books, I will play Pee-ka-boo for a while and turn off the lights... and proceed to tune into sleep mode.)
I have found out that there is no use of shouting and scolding her at all, because she is just merely expressing her dislikes and it got worse by shouting at her. By using the above techniques, I get her to give in willingly without tears and shouting "NO".

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