Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Bamboo Car Seat

I have never seen this before, but my mum was telling me that I used to sit on one of these like almost 30 years ago. Here you can see what this car seat look like, and I know you can say that huh, this is not safe baby can easily climb out from there! Yeah yeah... but for my mum or you could say, old grandma prefer this. I positioned it on the back centre of the car; but my mum was telling me usually they positioned it at the front seat!??! OMG! I would just say one has to drive slowly and only for a short distance if they were to place a child in here.
Here you can see how my baby sit in it! She kind of love it as she stay still and does not move around. her legs are not hanging out but actually stepping on the seat. I guess older baby like her can fit into this car seat but definately not for a newborn!

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