Friday, November 23, 2007

Tribal Fushion anyone?

Well, went for my first experience of "Tribal Fushion Belly Dance Workshop". Sounds interesting eh? The workshop started from 10am till 6pm in the afternoon. Was really tired, interesting and fun too. It was worth it, love the experience. The whole experience kind of inspires me and I suddenly become more aware of all the moves I have learnt in my routine classes. It is another version of belly dance which I may venture into if I could get the correct muscle to work well. For now, maybe stick to the basic first. Hah....

Our beutiful instructor Sharon Kihara, came from San Francisco, America. She is also one of the Belly Dance superstar that I met. (Well, I attended Kaeshi's workshop too! She is also one of the superstar from New York.) Her moves are so slick and enchanting, wish I could dance a little bit like her. Well, we all did one of her Tribal Fusion Choreographies, and we did some warm-ups which is good. It is all to stretch and loosen our muscles and all, quite interesting fact to know for me who does not do any sort of Yoga, or Pilates..... hmmm... maybe I should.
Any of you interested to see her dance?

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