Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Went over to the annual Sakura Charity Sale in Penang, whereby it is a charity event that sells Japanese handicrafts. There are other events for adults and kids as well. There is a cultural show, Ikebana demonstration, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Japanese food, Second-hand store, etc.
Well, I was interested in the Japanese Tea ceremony event, so I give it a try. The setting above with tatami, some kind of kettle etc. was initially an indoor tea ceremony set up - inside a temple / shrine / house. A tea lady will politely bow and prepare the tea for the guests.
The tea ritual is interesting because starting from the preparation of tea until the end when the guest drink the Macha, every step or move has a meaning and order to it. Every single move is necessary and there is not a single unwanted gesture at all.
The guest will have a sweet cake to taste first before drinking the Macha. The "Macha" is different from "Ocha" because there is some froth in it whereby you can taste the actual taste of the tea.
Above here, the picture also shows the "Tea picnic set" for the Autumn season. There is a box which can keep all the tools to prepare the tea. So this set allows one to enjoy the "Macha" wherever they wish. There is actually a special Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter individual set. Marvelous isn't it?

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