Sunday, November 4, 2007

Beijing Here I Come! - Day1

A visit to Beijing was an interesting and valuable experience for me. As an individual who is interested in culture and traditional aspects of live, this trip had actually inspire lots of thoughts into my understanding of the Chinese culture and values.

The picture here shows the "Temple of Heaven". A wonderful architecture.... the whole building is made of wood except the roof tiles, then again there are no nails on this building and particularly unique due to its beams and columns are all made of each individual tree trunk, also all are similar in sizes, and height. Wonderful isn't it? When we arrive that day, it was raining in this autumn season. Funny thing is , beijing having a morning shower is like rarely happened at all. So you can see the sky here is so blue and beautiful! That's how I manage to capture a good picture without any enhancement!

The purpose of this temple is that it was used to pray the gods in heaven and also to pray the forefathers of the emperor. So this is actually where the emperor pray centuries ago......

As you see, no one else was allowed to pray here except the emperor!

This picture is taken outside of the temple of heaven whereby there is a huge park/garden that most people of Beijing, China come to relax and having their leisure time during mornings and evenings.... there will be different groups of people having their choir singing, some dancing, some playing games, chess... etc. Most of them are old folks who hangs out and "lepak" along the long corridors that leads you to the Temple. This corridor is about 5 meters wide and over 300 meters long.

Here's a small group of ladies doing thier singing cum acting, well there are lots of people there actually watching them.... telling me about Chinese being shy in public?!?!!

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