Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Beijing Exotic Food Market - Day 1

This is the so-called "Wang Fu Jing", which is an old well. The above picture is the seal of the well whereby there is a description mention about when it was sealed up. These days it is 'Wang Fu Jin Street' which is a popular tourist destination. This street has lots of famous restaurants and old shops dated almost more than 100 years old.
Yummy Shanghai Small Dragon Bun - "Xiao Lung Bao". Every Autumn, the prosperous crab is in season, so that is why they are promoting this delicious 'Crabby Lung Bao'! This is just around the corner of "Wang Fu Jin street", this is the Famous night exotic food market, whereby there are lots of various food available here. If you are an adventurous foodie, do come along here and tastes those delicious exotic food, I'm sure it taste better than those in 'Fear Factor' series!
Centipede anyone? They come in sticks and they are grilled..... like BBQ!
Grilled Grasshopper please...... they come in 3 per stick. Crunchy!
Well, well... well..... look here is the grill scorpion. They are tiny scorpions, so the poison isn't too bad I guess! So, if you feel hungry in the night after shopping in "Wang Fu Jin Street", feel free to drop by this night food market!

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