Monday, October 29, 2007

Pausing for a moment...

He's consciously snoring away while I lie awake in the middle of dreamland. Annoying and frustrating, still the sound of sleep could not inspire me more to dream. A new kind of delusional dimension came to me and I realised that the world is changing faster than I thought it would be. I became more and more realistic at the moment. A sense of belonging has become blurred and the readiness to jump has overwhelmed.
Flashes of lights from the thunder soared and triggers the unsuspected notions in me. The path changes and plunged into the wild deepest darkness that I could feel and was aware that the surroundings were too dark and deep. Bewildered and scared but full of excitement gush through my nerves giving it a surreal form of happiness. These emotions are real, being so real that I could feel it in me at that moment.
The thought of jumping out of the darkness did not occur to me. The adrenaline rush from head to toe, indicates the splash of blood oozing from beneath became so hot that I do not intend for it to end. The dream had nearly come to an end, the intention of ending it does not exist. The silence of the dream had me impatiently stirring over and over, the sound of sleep had awaken me again, this time round the dream had faded, the bewilderment has ended. Soaring rain exists the tapping sound from the windows are clear. Again, the awakening, the intensity of the midnight rain had been fiercely knocking on the windows, the roaring rain had begun to show its density of movements. The wild night has begun in real, and I am still subconsciously dream and recall of what I had been through...... the pausing moment ended and I am still trying to sleep.

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