Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Books + New Words

Have been reading to my little one every night before she sleeps now; and she keeps reminding me about it before her last bottle feeding.... LOL.
Well, I manage to test her on the other day; whether she will recognize the specific book that I mentioned to her; and to my surprise she manage to pick out the specific title book for me to read to her. This really shocked me as I thought she just want me to read a book and does not really understand the story in it, but well I guess I am wrong about it.
Later, I went to shop more book for her as there is a sale in the bookstore. I went to the bookstore with my little one and she was very excited when she enters the store and wanted to touch and flip all the books she can grab on to. I am glad that she loves book, really hope that she will always remain this love forever.

After going to the bookstore, we continued to go shopping. Some new words that I heard she saying was like....
1. Oh Nice!
2. Thank You.
3. Please
4. Eyes
5. Nose
6. Mouth
7. Ears
8. Hair
9. Head
10. Cheek
11. Foot
12. Hands
13. Legs
14. Come
15. Go

She's the joy of my life right now, guess no one can make me laugh so much these days except her.

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