Thursday, October 7, 2010

My 2 favourite things of all time.

I honestly do not know why my lil' bean likes these 2 objects, but I am glad as these 2 of her favourite stuffs ease my job of putting her to sleep.
1. The Yellow Blanket aka. "Chou Chou".
This one blanket gets her to sleep easily, no matter where she goes, this one has to follow her all the way. It sooths her and calm her down, like in her own comfort zone. Whenever she's upset just throw her the blankie, she'll be fine! Amazing isn't it? After smelling it for a while she will be happy once again.
2. The Dooodoll aka. "DooDoo".

Well, I bought this doll for her from MPH Bookstore.... weird place to find a doll for kids; well it was a love at first sight..... she fell in love with it since the minute she sets eyes on it. I really do not know why, there are many other dolls but she chooses this one doll. Luckily she did not get one with weird eyes or expressions.

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