Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby First Grab...

When my baby turn one, we did a small mini ceremony according to the Chinese tradition. This tradition has been on going for ages and used to be very superstitious; but now in modern times it is more like an activity for fun. Indeed my baby has lotsa fun!

This tradition is named "Zhua Zhou"(抓周) or Grabbing Test, which used to predicts infant's future career path, personality traits and interests. A number of things are to be presented in front of the baby, so he/she can choose and grab what she likes or prefers.

I had place 12 different objects in front of my daughter for her to grab and Er...hem.... I am not revealing what she grabs.... just only the things that I placed before her.
  1. A Bag
  2. A Stethoscope
  3. A Measuring tool
  4. A Money bill
  5. A Tambourine
  6. A Box of jeweleries
  7. A Book
  8. A Hammer
  9. A Brush
  10. A Seal
  11. A Cooking utensil
  12. A Toy Doggie

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