Sunday, October 3, 2010

2010 Grand Prix SIngapore

I have always wanted to go see a F1 Grand Prix at least once in my lifetime........ and my dream came true. This is one of the places to go in my List other than PARIS. After being grounded for almost 2 years finally I get the chance to travel again for a god damn good reason, the GP! Thanks bro for the birthday present, you make this dream of mine came true! Love ya XOXO!
Fancy Lantern everywhere..... and of course the people.......... luckily no rain that night!

The Huge crowd...... seeing people come from everywhere.....preparing for the excitement that will take your breath away!
Ok let me say that I have got a good spot, as in standing high on the grand stand platform in Zone 4. How come I got to stand high up and got a nice view....... it is because we went there early like around 5pm to reserve the place until like say 8pm in the evening when the final GP starts. Let me say, luckily there were 4 of us so 2 of my group went to buy some food and drinks, while another 2 of us stand there waiting. That's how we got the nice spot!

Guess who won in the end....... !!! Well, my skills in photography is still intact with me. I manage to capture the fastest car like using just a simple Canon Power Shot S90. Not even using Zoom lenses. LOL!
After Party in the Esplanade........ a DJ spinning in the outdoor theater! Mariah Carey performing on stage........ a few beers to end the night! Had a fantastic weekend! Cheers everyone!

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