Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happiest Moment

This is the most exciting and happiest moment that I experience which I want to share here with you all out there. Here it is, I am confirm pregnant!
First of all when my pregnancy test tube says that I am pregnant....... I was not over the moon and all that excited about it. I admit, I just feel numb and well here it is... baby has arrive; after me and my husband try desperately for two years. My hubby was all very excited and happy but he sense that I did not feel the same way. I do not know why but it's not the feeling a new-mum-to-be should feel. Trust me it's not that I hate babies that much!
So, it went on for a while... and I have nightmares that I will suffer miscarraige and all. Then comes the day that I have made appointment with a Doc to confirm my pregnancy. All went well till the moment when the doctor wanted to do an ultrasound check on the fetus.
OK, I lay down quietly for the doc to check on me and the babe, so when the screen actually indicates where the baby lies quietly in the womb, the joy and happiness over come me that it felt so great till I cry. The babe's heartbeat is pounding hard and I can feel it in me! WOW!
That was the most exciting moment and I still feel it everyday.........
I count my blessings and thank god for me to experience this wonderful moment of joy!

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