Tuesday, March 17, 2009

About REAL love....

It has been some time that I have not given any opinion about relationships. Well it's about time I guess, since I have been pouring myself with lotsa romantic novels and books. Not to mention sex though! LOL.
Now the topic of love has been around for a long while but I have come across this incredible idea of the REAL love and Romantic love that we are seeking these days. In my opinion, you will get loads of romantic love in the novels, books, movies, songs, etc... in about every entertainment department but never in real life. Whenever there is a romantic love in real life, normally it will not be forever and will end soon.
But I am not to brag about those romantic love, I am here to tell you about the REAL love in life. That is:
R = Responsible.
E = Equal.
A = Adult.
L = Loving.
Here it is if you can find a person like that. He/she must be of the above qualities that you have to find in the REAL love, else the rest of it is not so important.
To most of women, they find SECURITY is the most important thing in life, which is true. If one can give a women security in any sort they will be fine and please and the rest is not as important. Sadly some women wants everything which made things impossible, that's when the other party starts to break apart, that's when the women needs to find peace within herself and do not make things worse. When a guy starts to break, they'll not easily come back to the original state and things starts to get worse and worse......... so women out there be careful what you ask for, no one is perfect including ourselves. Of course this implies to the guys as well. Tolerance always has its limits, don't forget that!

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