Monday, March 23, 2009

The Thing about Fortune telling......

Ah well, this is my first ever fortune telling episode that I encounter with my own free will. Not to say that I was ever being force into this kinda thing. First of all, I believe in myself and my own destiny. I realized that certain things are meant to happen for a good reason. As long in life we do good and not harm anyone good things will come by one day. I do really believe in fate though.
I have never regret in anything in my life so to speak....... I consider myself that I am now content with my life and those things happen around me. I am neither please or sad with my life just normal and comfortable. I love the way I see things and my perception has never been wrong this far. So you can ask why I am drawn to this fortune telling thingy?
Well, out of curiosity and since I am going to start my new career and life soon I wonder what lies ahead. A peek to the future is not bad at all. So curiosity is the culprit!
I know for a certain there's no harm in it so I was curious, that's all, but I still strongly believe that god gave me this life for a purpose. I am to make use of my life here in this world to do good and be content then I am really a well off person....... not to think about wealth and so forth but to concentrate on fulfilling god wishes for me to enhance this world and make a better place for people to live in and also create a wonderful life for myself and the people around me. After all I am part of the universe!
SO I will live life to pursuit happiness for me and those around me too!

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