Monday, February 23, 2009

A Dashing Start

Come to think of it, I am kinda rushing to the idea of moving things and about since the beginning of the year. I am really expecting lots of changes this year as New things are beginning to fall on me all at the same time. No time to think and plan. It really starts going to get me tied up in lots of ways but it is a challenging year ahead for me this time. Lots of hopes and things to do and overcome, but as I approaching months after months, I realized that my attitude towards life is changing, my views and opinion as well. Most of the time, I could not breath properly as so many things had to be done and do. I am not a perfectionist freak, but I am constantly fussing about things that should be done in a proper way or say my way, which is I think not practical for some people and hassle for most people. In the end, I have to let go of some or else I'll be doing lots of work by myself. Lastly, I think I have to come to a certain point that I have to trust certain people in life to judge what they do for me and appreciate it. Otherwise, I am killing myself and others as well. Such a waste of life to think of the minor things while there's lots more urgent matters in life which one does not even care..... like the sick, the poor and the lost.

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